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Server (Computing)
A full line of Solaris and Intel, AMD based servers that brings you a range of processing options designed to keep your enterprise in the most powerful, efficient and cost-effective way. Now you can streamline your datacenter and tackle your most demanding business challenges with Spintek's latest technology including most demanding applications and virtualization strategies. Spintek’s server line allows you to match a workload to an optimized, cost-effective server and operating system platform. Spintek is taking a close look at  highly scalable, open-sourced and energy efficient servers at a competitive price including virtualization and consolidation technologies via offering maximum ROI and minimum TCO. There are plenty of existing opportunities to create custom products in a manner of Spintek’s flexible IT ecosystem. Spintek is the unique and accurate path for the next wave of bundled products and proactive services.

Innovative technologies and supporting services are bringing new economies of scale to enterprises. Now you can streamline your datacenter and tackle your most demanding business challenges with Sun's latest technology and virtualization strategies. Sun servers provide the performance, scalability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that help you meet your business needs in HPC, virtualization, and eco or energy efficiency. With Sun’s complete family of servers—Sun Blade servers, Sun Netra servers, Sun Fire x64 Servers, CoolThreads Servers and Sun entry-level, midrange, and high-end servers—giving you a choice of architectures—UltraSPARC processors, AMD Opteron processors, or Intel Xeon Processors—and operating systems—Solaris Operating System (OS), Linux, or Windows—a truly flexible IT ecosystem is a reality. When you build your datacenter on a solid foundation of Sun servers, you can expect maximum ROI and minimum TCO
 Sun Blade Family Portfolio
 Sun Netra Servers
 Sun Fire X64 Servers
 CoolThreads Servers
 Sun Fire Servers